Showcase Your Patriotism and Pride in U.S. Businesses

With Homegrown American Products Delivered to Your door

Made in America

There’s only one American dream, and we’re keeping it alive by introducing you to the highest quality local products, made on our own pure shores, by our own people.

The Power of Community

Instead of supporting strangers overseas, we’re proudly promoting local manufacturing to celebrate the talent and passion of our neighbors.

Value for Money

Cut out outlandish import fees by investing in locally made American products that prove you always get what you pay for. Love a product? Support the producer directly!
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The Patriot Box Legacy

Showcase Your Patriotism and Pride in U.S. Businesses With Homegrown American Products Delivered to Your door

The Patriot Box is a Veteran-founded initiative born to give Americans a reason to feel proud to live in the greatest country on Earth. Once you join our community of patriots, you’ll get your own Patriot Box dropped at your door every single month, quarter, or just once.

Not only will you unbox a treasure chest of proudly American-made products, but you’ll also be spreading the spirit of passionate local small businesses while showing your support for veteran charities.

Preserving the Art of Craftsmanship

Importing overseas products has become the “norm”, but we refuse to subscribe to sub-par manufacturing. Like you, we’re proud of the American blood running through our veins, and by joining our community, you’ll be doing more than supporting the modern-day American worker.

You’ll also be paying homage to our forefathers who moved mountains to set the benchmark for the American quality we know today. We’re proud to be keeping the excellence of yesteryear alive in the 21st century, helping Americans help Americans.

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Preserving the Art of Craftsmanship

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Making A Difference Where it Matters Most

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